Australia Post – An Engaging HealthChase Retail Rewards Journey

Engaging 737 Post Office Teams in Wellness

The Healthy Rewards Program

Engaging and connecting the multi-site Australia Post Retail Team through game-based ‘play’ has brought physical and mental wellbeing to the forefront of their Retail Rewards Program.


We set out to achieve the following…

  1. Add a wellbeing element to the popular Retail Rewards program with a specific focus on mental health
  2. Increase connectivity between the Australia Post retail outlets across Australia
  3. Communicate and activate new business Values at store team level


The HealthChase Journey

We took 737 Stores on a high engagement journey of short, fun games to boost teamwork within and between stores and activate positive behaviours to support individual and team mental wellbeing and resilience…but we achieved so much more! Here’s the journey so far…

Healthy Rewards (March 2018, 4 weeks) 

We kicked off with a foundational Game that rewarded for behaviours supporting better mental and physical wellbeing, including nutrition and activity. Based on EnergyChase.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind (June 2018, 4 weeks)

Taking a more mental health focus we built on the previous Game and introduced and rewarded mindfulness, team connectedness and stress management behaviours. Based on SmartChase.

Countdown to Christmas (November 2018, 2 weeks)

During this busy period we boosted team engagement and rewarded behaviours supporting resilience and safety. These included practising safety protocols, gratitude, mindfulness, kindness and teamwork. Game Challenges were all photo based, fun and designed share some Christmas spirit and merchandising strategies between stores. Based on Resilience-Chase.

Living our Values (May 2019, 2 weeks)

This was a customised Game that communicated and rewarded the practice of the new Australia Post Employee Values of Trust, Inclusivity, Empowerment and Safety on a daily basis. Challenges within the Game encouraged the sharing of new initiatives and ideas on how to activate these Values at Store levels with the Team and Community. This was a Create-a-Chase Game.

HealthChase Community Rewards Platform (July 2019, ongoing)

The Community Platform keeps teams engagement, communicating and sharing between Games and allows the Australia Post Rewards team to launch new monthly focussed activities and creates a connected community where everybody matters, all voices are heard and innovation is captured and rewarded.

Everyone Matters (September 2019, 2 weeks)

Launched to 3500 Corporate and Licensed Post Offices to share, reward and activate core elements of the United Nations Sustainability Goals at Store levels. This Game engaged through high levels of Teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking and creating a positive community of sharing across the POs. Another Create-a-Chase program.


We know our programs work because we capture participation, engagement and change metrics. We use a proven roll out strategy to optimise outcomes and you will always know how the programs are going as you can watch them live. Our results are consistent and below is the average achieved throughout the journey so far…

Outlet Participation  – 94%

Daily Engagement – 78% (only 44% needed to fully participate in the Game)

Total Store Interactions – 585,344

Social and Store to Store Sharing

Photo/Video/Chat/Banter Board Posts – 361,620

Photos uploaded – 21,908

Change metrics

Positive behaviours change attributed to Games – 95% of Teams


The Drivers of Engagement and Change

The biggest drivers of engagement and change were teamwork, consciousness around behaviour choices and wellbeing.

Peer to peer sharing is the most effective form of learning and whole organisational engagement is the most effective way to create a culture shift and make change easier. By opening up the Healthy Rewards Platform, we have been able to be include all outlets and create a culture of sharing to improve teamwork, learning and best practice crucial to implementing key Australia Post wellbeing and business strategy.

In Summary

The Solution

  • A journey of high engagement Games including EnergyChase, SmartChase, ResilienceChase and Create-a-Chase programs
  • Rewarded behaviours boosting team mental wellbeing and resilience
  • Rewarded teamwork at outlet, network and state levels
  • Rewarded social, fun and shared experiences
  • Designed around capabilities and availability of technology

The Achievements

  • Alignment with Australia Post Retail Rewards program
  • Scale, reach and engagement of retail outlet employees nationally including remote regions
  • Technology availability and capability
  • Opened conversation around mental health
  • Created an open platform to share and learn from peer to peer sharing.
  • 98% of participating outlets reported an improved sense of wellbeing or positive behaviour shifts


“It’s been fantastic! It has opened up opportunities we didn’t even think were possible. It’s easy to use and very interactive.”  Chris Roach, Manager Retail Performance, Australia Post