Australia Post: Retail mental health & resilience software platform

Location: Australia wide

Employees participating: 5400 (710 retail outlets)


Improve general wellbeing of employees, align with the Australia Post Retail Rewards program, improve engagement, teamwork and connectedness between outlets


  • Alignment with current Australia Post rewards program
  • Scale and reach across Australia including those in remote regions
  • Technology availability, usability and capability


  • Custom built 4 week Game on our fully scalable Game platform
  • Rewarded better nutritional choices and exercise
  • Rewarded teamwork at outlet, network and state levels
  • Rewarded social, fun and shared experiences
  • Designed around capabilities and availability of technology


  1. 96% of survey respondents reported improved energy levels
  2. 94% of Retail Outlets participated in the full program
  3. 79% engaged daily with the HealthChase Game
  4. Over 6200 photos posted and 167,781 Game interactions
  5. 97% of Outlets improved nutritional choices and 87% upped their exercise
  6. Average daily intakes of fruit, vegetables, ‘unhealthy’ foods and exercise showed a reduced presenteeism (productivity loss) risk profile
  7. Teamwork followed by consciousness around personal lifestyle choices were the biggest engagement drivers of the Game
  8. Supporting the team followed closely by improving personal health and energy levels were the main drivers of positive behaviour change

What now:

The next Game built on these foundations to include stress management and resilience techniques