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Why you wanted to hire us?

HealthChase's proposal presented a unique approach to promoting employee health and wellbeing. They took the time to become familiar with our concerns and quickly demonstrated an understanding of the challenges of delivering a health and wellbeing strategy to time-poor employees in high pressure environments.

What was the problem you were struggling with?

Our employee health checks and consultations confirmed that, consistent with Australian national norms, our people wanted support with building sustainable energy levels and meeting their recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables. They had also indicated 'nutrition' as a general topic of interest. Taking these factors into account, we wanted an engaging program that had an educational component, while influencing positive behavioural change.

How have we helped?

HealthChase's health eating choices initiative 'EnergyChase', was able to help us with building the sustainable energy levels of our employees.

They provided excellent support throughout the project planning and decision making stages. They also provided helpful resources such as communication templates and delivered employee information sessions ahead of the program launch.

Once we kicked-off, the program practically ran itself with minimal time and effort required from us. Thanks to great back-end support and attentive client service, the participants also had a very positive end-user experience.

What impact has our work achieved?

We closely monitored our program results and noticed that participation rates and engagement on a daily basis was very high. The program also exceeded our expectations in improving the nutritional intakes and activity levels of a majority of the participants. Most players were also keen to play again and recommend the program to others.