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Carlton Football Club

"HealthChase customised a simple, intuitive and engaging interface for our athletes and coaches. It both improved and stream-lined our data collection process around athlete wellbeing, coaching and training. And they’re responsive and great to deal with!"

Tom Kempton pHD, Sports Science Manager, Carlton Football Club


A scalable and customisable game-based solution


Athletes love a bit of friendly competition! Our Game based solutions motivate and reward teams and athletes to activate behaviours that support better mental and physical wellbeing and team performance.

You will supercharge team engagement through social connectivity and teamwork. Teams will win by activating certain training, wellbeing and performance behaviours including nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress management

Clubs can choose from a series of standard Games or we will work with your dieticians, coaches and players to customise Games that meet the needs of your teams.

The team will be practising performance enhancing behaviours by making better everyday choices and through targeted activities.  All measured of course!

For Sporting Clubs looking to achieve better team mental and physical wellbeing, resilience and performance.


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Enabling high performance coaching, compliance and data capture.


HealthChase provides clubs with a unique, simple and customisable solution to coach, capture and enable athlete wellbeing, training and performance. Gamification keeps athletes providing valuable timely information.

The Player Portal WebApp is all about keeping the athlete engaged, accountable and motivated to report and activate wellbeing, training, personal development and coaching initiatives in a way that best support the individual and team.

For the Coach it records coaching conversation, team training and can trigger the right coaching conversations at the right time. Captured data is available via live dashboards or can seamlessly feed into other data sources to determine individual and team ‘readiness to play’ and tactics.

For Sporting Clubs looking for a simple and engaging way to capture athlete data and coaching conversations to better supporting player wellbeing and performance.




Engaging stakeholders and gathering insights


The Healthy Insights Portal allows you to customise a solution that efficiently captures the insights that inform team and club strategy.

We engage people to share their stories. These can include timely metrics on wellbeing, engagement, readiness to perform, member satisfaction, daily behaviours or interests. We customise it to meet the needs of the club.

You can watch your data live on our dashboards or along with our partner we can seamlessly bring all your club data into a single view solution.

For Sporting Clubs wishing to gain stakeholder, team or member insight to inform successful data driven strategies





Creating a strong foundation to bounce back from difficult and changing situations


Activating the essentials for an immediate boost of energy


Supporting better mental health with simple, everyday choices


Configurable Games to meet the needs of your team