Our aim is to create engaged and connected whole communities of mental wellbeing and resilience with our game based software platform.

We believe when we feel good and have a great sense of purpose, we perform at our best in work, life and play. For this reason, mental and physical wellbeing are core to everything we do and everything we do must have clear purpose.

Frustrated with so many educational programs and misinformation in communities, we set out to be evidence based and all about activating measurable and positive change.

Employee and team engagement sit at the heart of our solutions. We put the person front of house and engage first. It’s why keeping things social, easy and fun are core values of ours.

For any kind of change, people need to see value in taking the leap. It’s easier to take the leap when everyone around us is too. Inclusiveness, choice, team and reward-based systems drive our change and we do it together as whole communities, teams and organisations.