Belonging Improves Resilience – 5 Tips for Business?

Creating a sense of belonging directly impacts individual and team resilience and better mental health outcomes (ref).

Building resilient teams that can thrive during times of change and challenge is the most requested outcome from our game-based programs. Whilst there are many behaviours that we can reward and activate to support resilience, the ones that most drive engagement and behaviour change are those that promote belonging. All makes sense, research clearly shows this and our data continues to consistently back it up!

6 years of HealthChase aggregated data accrued via our game-based software and participant feedback shows that when it comes to employee engagement and wellbeing it’s teamwork, social opportunities and connectedness that stand out.

When Ford closed their Geelong factory we ran a general wellbeing Game focussing on nutrition on teamwork, nutrition and activity. The manager at the time said it was the engagement that was the greatest outcome. It was reconnecting and forming new teams (even over spread geography) via the social and teamwork elements that really created that sense of belonging. Wellbeing was the added bonus. Now we know they are both connected!

Australia Post updated Values to explicitly include Trust, Inclusivity, Empowerment and Safety. In over 730 stores, by explicitly communicating, rewarding and sharing experiences within and between stores (78,886 on-line interactions to be exact and 3,752 shared photos in 2 weeks!). Here’s the thing…100% of respondents said that practising these values improved not only how they worked together but also supported their communities and customers. 96% said it improved open communication around mental health, stress management and problem solving amongst others. Teamwork remained the biggest driver of positive change!

Top 5 tips

  1. Set team goals

Empower teams to be creative problem solvers and allow for personal choice

  1. Create a platform for peer to peer learning, sharing and fun

We find a visual medium is best through our on-line photo/video boards. It allows personal sharing as well as professional.

  1. Create a platform to hear, recognise and acknowledge the smallest of voices

This can be across a large community for recognition and reward or create smaller more intimate communities in order to start the process of increasing trust, opening harder conversations or to start the change process.

  1. Celebrate and reward teamwork and team outcomes

TEAMWORK is our top driver of engagement and positive change.

  1. Create social opportunities and fun!

Nothing bonds like a laugh or shared experience.

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