Don’t Underestimate Family and Friends to Manage Stress!

Maybe it was my legal training, maybe it’s getting older or maybe it’s just me but my default setting is to look for what can go wrong. This is fine some of the time and at times very useful. However,  looking at life through that lens a lot of the time, is not helpful and can be pretty stressful. Eating well, exercise and sleep (which can be difficult if you’re worrying) and activities such as mindfulness and gratitude help.  At times though this isn’t quite enough.

How can I do things differently to manage stress?

The recent break over the festive season has given me time to ponder how I can do things slightly differently. One of the things I have loved about being on holiday has been spending more time with family and friends and doing things I enjoy.

I know (from running a business that promotes mental and physical health!) there are many psychological and physical benefits in doing this.  We are more positive and things are put in perspective when stress is managed. I also know I could continue to spend more time connecting with people or enjoying other activities if I prioritised them. I’m not alone in this. The number one factor HealthChase players feel they can change to manage stress more effectively is to spend time doing things they enjoy and being more connected to family, friends and other team members. However, this is also one of the activities they find the hardest to achieve.

Why don’t we prioritise things we enjoy?

It can be really hard to take this time out and many people (including me) just don’t prioritise it. Do I think it’s frivolous and a waste of time? Is there a perception we’re letting people down by not being at our desk all day? At the end of the day we’re too tired to be bothered?

Prioritise what is important

I’m not sure when I stopped prioritising spending time with friends and family and getting involved in activities I enjoy but here’s to doing more of both in 2019!